I had a nice long chat with Jesse, one of the owners of my gym, today after all the classes were over. I didn’t know if I needed to pick up my mom, so I stuck around in case she did need to be driven. Additionally, I hadn’t really had an opportunity in the time I’ve been coaching at MSC, to actually just chat with him. He was well spoken and was very articulate with his words. If I didn’t know any better, I wouldn’t have never thought he was a gym owner solely based on the way he spoke.

One of the topics that came up was the current status of the gym. He was very sensitive to the happenings of the gym and mentioned that the positive atmosphere in the gym has been as high as it ever has been. People are generally happy and the overall sense of community is quite strong.

The past weekend 18 people who represented MSC (1 of whichwas a friend of a friend, 1 of which is a VSC member, but basically MSC) competed in a team competition (teams of 6). The teams didn’t top, but there were 17ish more MSC people going than VSC, which I found surprising. Very surprising. One of the defining moments of the day was when one of our teams were able to complete a pretty brutal WOD within the time cap (like, 1 second before time cap). The loud roars of cheers that came from out little corner could be heard throughout the entire box and even louder than the blaring music.

If there was a time to be proud to be part of the MSC community, this would’ve been that time. From small victories like me getting a non false grip ring muscle up, to bigger victories like Linda overcoming her demons and hitting a 20″ box jump, to the team finishing within the time cap, each of these feats of success were met with cheering from all those that were present.

Jesse described MSC as a place he wanted people to come to and not have to worry about the troubles that plagued them during the day – a kind of sanctuary if you will. I know for myself that is true – going to the gym was always an outlet for me in addition for a place to work out. Regardless of the things that were happening at work, home, and more so recently for me, life, my time at the gym allowed me to take my mind off all that noise so that I could focus on the workout. I could socialize with my gymmates (in between sets) and be immersed in this positive culture time as we were all in the same boat and going in the same direction (i.e. path to become a better person than yesterday and wanting to see each other success).

For the longest time, I would deal with a lot my issues alone, spread it over to the woman, or to my closest friends. Now, my circle of support has expanded immensely – these people come from all walks of life and I am for one, am no longer the oldest of the group. This allows me to tap into the erm, “experience” of my fellow people and seek advise when I need to.

I may not be the most expressive person ever (a result of being in an Asian family with an even less expressive father), but my interactions with other members of the gym and my actions are a strong indicator of how happy I am to be a part of the MSC family.

(This is probably as expressive you’ll see me as I am much better with words than I am with actual emoting)


-Coach Wun