Mobility– Wall Splits/Wall Squats 2×15/15, Facedown Shoulder Passthroughs 2×10,

Skill– Legcessory Day

We are going to keep the same movements as last week but no we can increase because we have a good starting point from last week.

A1) Front Rack Barbell Step Ups 3×6/6, we are doing a similar movement but making it slightly more challenging. Start light and find a good weight to do this volume. Now that we are in week 3 you can base your sets off last week’s volume.

A2) Single Leg Barbell Deadlifts 3×6/6 and , this week we can challenge ourselves a bit more because we are more comfortable with the movement. Remember, focus on the balance and quality of the rep before going heavier.

Strength– Sumo Deadlift 5×2-
We have completed 2 weeks of 5’s and we all have pretty accurate numbers. This week we are going to move to 2’s. This means we get to go even heavier on our way to the big heavy single in a few weeks. Your first 2 should be close to last week’s heavy 3.



Front Squat (115/75)(95/65)
Wall Ball Sit-ups
Wall Ball Shots
Shoulder to Overhead (115/75)(95/65)

*2 Muscle Ups/ 2 wall walks Between rounds, not at the end.

-12 min Cap