Mobility: 1×20 Sec Squat Hold, 1×10 Squat to Hamstring Stretch, 1×3/3 Cossacks squat (hold each squat for 5 seconds)


For Time:

20m Bear crawl
30 Push-ups
30 Superman Back Extensions
20m Bear Crawl

Box Squat Ladder: 4-3-2
The rules and standards are the same as the past 2 weeks. If your box is still higher than parallel, we are going to work on lowering the box and controlling the full range of motion before adding weight. If your box is low, you can increase on last week because we’re doing less reps. This is our second week doing this rep scheme so make sure you go heavier!


20 Minute AMRAP:

20 Single Arm DB Thrusters (10 Per Arm) (35/20)
20 Strict Pull-ups
20 DB Oblique Twists
20 DB Sumo Deadlifts
20 Lateral Jumps Over DB

*** There will be 2 spots on each class to do the open workout today so first to comment and book a class time gets that slot.